Teen Support

The task of adolescence is what is referred to as identity formation i.e. trying to figure out 'Who I am?', 'Where and how do I fit in?', and 'What am I going to do with my life?'

These are difficult enough issues in themselves, but they have been even more complicated by the changed aspects of modern life. In addition while going through the these significant , predictable emotional issues, the teenager is also experiencing major physical changes as well. 

Unfortunately this important transitional stage can prove to be a challenging one for some teenagers and their families.

When to seek outside help

Basically when the frequency, intensity and adverse effects on your teens behaviour, in what can be seen as fundamental areas of the adolescents's life, change or significantly decline.

These areas include; academic and school, home and family, health and physical appearance, peer relations and social functioning (clubs, sports, and organisations), as well as vocational performance.

If your teenager has experienced a major loss/berevement and any life stressor ( such as divorce, illness, addiction... in the family) and is behaving in a way that concerns you, this may also an indication that outside help may be of benefit.

The Process

Generally, we start by having a joint session with parents/guardian and teenager for the first meeting. From there sessions will commonly be with the teenager only, with further joint sessions with all parties as appropriate. 

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Day-time and evening appointments are available