Psychotherapy or Coaching?

First its important to recognise that there are many area's of commonality between coaching and psychotherapy.


- are underpinned by a profound respect for the unique personhood of the individual

- use active listening skills

- pre-suppose good communication skills on the therapist/coach's part, both verbally and non-verbally

- value the holistic and spiritual nature of human life

- expect a high level of congruence form the coach/therapist. In other words, the quality of 'presence' offered by the coach/therapist (in the process relationship with the client) is free flowing and fully attentive to the client's needs, as the therapist/coach has already attended to their own development 

- promote personal responsibility in clients

- processes focus on the clients personal values and beliefs

The Differences

While both processes facilitate personal growth and more fulfillment in life, the main difference is that psychotherapy looks to the past and seeks understanding, where as the emphasis in coaching is on action in the present with a future orientation


Empathy is key in the client /therapist relationship. In coaching while also present, may not be valued as much by the client. The coaching client may instead  expect to be supported through the 'change process' by skills of challenging and 'stretching' the client to achieve their goals, or to 'move to the next level' in their life. 


The duration of the processes can be significantly different. Because of the 'deeper' nature of the work in psychotherapy, and its broader aims for the client in search of; 'happiness', 'contentment', 'healing', 'acceptance of self', 'gathering the story of one's life to seek understanding'......... it can be hard to predict the time scale involved.

As coaching is solution-focused and goal/action orientated, there is usually a time-measured aspect built into the process. 


In both cases client's may choose to return to the coach/therapist at different points throughout their life, as the 
relationship based on respect and trust deepens.


To assist you in deciding which approach suits your needs most, we recommend you read through the pages of this web-site and follow that up with a phone call or email if uncertainity still persists.

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