Personal Development for Individual Clients

Personal Development

Clients sometimes have an awareness that their life is a little 'off track' or that they have lost a sense of balance, or perhaps feel they have lost 'their edge'.

Perhaps you are starting a new job or relationship or are ready to move to the 'next level in your life' and want to give yourself some time and space to explore some of the existential questions such as Who am I?  What is my life all about? Where do I want to go in my life in the future?

If this sounds like you and you want to experience a Personal/Life 'NCT'  so to speak this may be the programme for you....

Over 10 sessions you will experience a professional  (predominantly life -coaching methodology) programme that is especially tuned to your needs.


The content of this programme includes:-

An over-view of life at present. Personal interaction styles. Personal beliefs and values. Self limiting thoughts. Personal Gremlin! Future goals. Strategies for attaining these goals. Spiritual path.          

As a Certified (BPS Level A and Level B) Psychological tester I can offer to suitable candidates- as part of this programme, a choice of 1 test from the following; Personality Traits 15FQ/NEO, Jung Type Indicator/JTI, or EIQ/ Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire.                                                                            

(If a client wishes to complete more than one of these tests an extra fee is required.)


The usual fee for this programme is €600, however a special reduction of 10% (€540) is offered to clients who take up this option before November 30th 2011. 

Personal Development is an on-going and integral part of Psychotherapy and Coaching 






























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