Life Coaching

What is Coaching?

Coaching is primarily about fulfillment, balance and process. It's a way of effectively empowering people to find their own answers, encouraging and supporting them on their path to achieving a life that they really want and love.

Having a life one loves starts with gaining clarity on values, enabling more meaningful choices and consistent action.

A Coach will......

  • Encourage clients to set goals that they truly want.
  • Ask clients to do more than they have done on their own.
  • Help clients focus in order to produce results more quickly.
  • Provide clients with the tools, support and structure to accomplish more.

The Coaching Process

There are 3 basic elements to the coaching process.

- Helping the client to discover and understand who they are.
- Helping the client identify and clarify what they most want.
- Helping the client create and develop strategies to achieve their goals

The First Session

Clients usually outline the area they desire support with during the initial phone-call/email.

During the first meeting general revelent information will be gathered by the coach followed by the completion of a short exercise called The Wheel of Life. This is important as both client and coach get a clear and comprehensive picture of the client's life at present.

From there, goals are formulated. 

As sessions continue these goals become clearer and achievable. Strategies are created and obstacles are challenged as the client gains, greater self awareness, personal skills and confidence.

Common 'coaching tools' include:

Helping clients change limiting beliefs
Identifying and challenging one's internal saboteur 
Value clarification
Thinking skills 
Perception management in Life and Business
Emotional Intelligence in life and work
Awareness of learning styles 
Cognitive Theory of Self-efficacy
Glasser- Choice Theory
Transactional Anaylasis Theory
Key NLP Techniques
Un-locking personal defences and resistence

At all times the client/coach relationship is based on respect, openess, trust, empathy, honesty and a focus on the client's desire to implement change.

Common Goals of Coaching clients

    • to be more effective at work, study or relationships
    • to create more order and balance in life
    • to have less confusion, stress, anxiety and despair
    • to have more peace of mind, simplicity, joy and fulfillment
    • enhancing communication, time-management and emotional intelligence skills
    • managing 'self' through periods of change and transition such as retirement, divorce/separation, unemployment, career change.
    • building confidence
    • anger issues
    • personal development
    • responding to bullying in the home or the work place
    • seeking to create a special romantic relationship in one's life
    • couple's coaching
and many more goals.............

Coaching sessions usually last 1 hour but can be longer if requested by the client. Cancellation of an appointment should be given with 24 hours notice. 

I am an Accrediated Coach Practioner with the LBCAI in Ireland and also a full member of AC an international coaching association.

I follow the Ethical and Practice Guidelines of these Associations.

I am also a Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP with The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

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Day-time and evening appointments are available