'Life can be understood backward but it must be lived forward'   (Kierkegaard)


Taking part on courses can be productive on a number of levels. First you experience the empowering interactions of fellow travellers in a supportive and confidential group. Relationships may develop which keep participants connected to the 'growth' experience of the group. There is usually a good level of sociability and fun. And lastly it can be a very cost effective way to look after your psychological and emotional needs.


(There will be a number of 1 day / weekend Workshops advertised in the months to come... keep posted!)


In this programme you will have the opportunity to:

  • heighten self awareness
  • affirm self worth and build on your confidence, self esteem and motivation levels
  • look at your personal 'blockages' and limiting negative thinkng patterns
  • Create meaningful personal 'goals' and a 'plan' to achieve them
  • have a greater sense of your way of being in the world and your personal strengths
  • develop stratigies for 'mindful' loving self care
  • learn about stress reduction
  • have space to connect with the 'real' you 
  • discern how 'fear' impacts on your achievement of goals and 'life- balance'

Included in this programme is a free 1 to 1 personal life coaching session

Tuesday evenings, 7.30pm-10pm
Dolmen Hotel, Kilkenny Rd, Carlow

10 weeks starting October 4th


Suitable for people who have no experience and some experience of personal development courses. The content will include coaching and NLP techniques.

Contact Mary for further enquiries and booking

Phone 059-9166924

Day-time and evening appointments are available