Marriage or committed relationship support

You've made the committment to each other and now find; doubts, conflict, intimacy, decision-making, dishonesty, betrayal or sadly basic communication has broken down.

Couple coaching/therapy offers a way to explore, define and achieve what you really want.

I work to reconnect you with your own wisdom and find the answers to rediscover your own power. A useful metaphor is helping you create a bridge from where you are to where you want to be.  I don't advise you however I do offer to travel with you as you confront your situations and transitions.

Are you going through a stage in your marriage relationship?

Couples go through predictable stages in marriages and sometimes even before marriages.

Even in the happiest marriages you will revisit stages and need information and tools to help you return to the real love that you both want.

Just knowing the stages are normal and that there are ways to move forward - to move up to the next level can be really helpful.
















A brief summary of the stages




Romantic Love 

This feels so good you want, and believe it will last forever. If and when you see things you don't like you deny or minise them. You're full of energy and 'feel good', a sense of homecoming.

Disappointment or distress

You begin to doubt your choice of paartner. Things are no longer coming together 'naturally'.

You start to feel anxious or disappointed. Things you once liked about the other person become sources of frustration and hurt feelings. Defences come up. Anger and resentment can build and hopelessness seeps in. ( This is often the stage  when couples seek support - it  can become a time of great growth in the relationship - 'conflict is growth trying to happen!')

Knowledge and Awareness

You begin to see that your relationship can be more than it is,and also that you have the power to make real changes. You chose to become conscious and intentional and so begin a new chapter of co-creating the relationship you both dreamed of.



You consciously practice skills you've learned about communication, creating emotional safety etc... You become partners in the healing and growth of the relationship, yourself and your partner.

Real Love


Deep respect and cherishing of one another as separate and unique individuals without losing the sense of connection. Living with joy, passion, intimacy, happiness and fun together, as you both continue the committment to the relationship and the chllenges / lessons it offers. 































































































































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